Friday, July 1, 2011

Hard Candy Moon Glow Shimmering Transluscent Powder (Review)

Posted by ♥Elena R♥ at 12:28 PM

Hard Candy Moon Glow Shimmering Translucent Powder


Hard Candy Moon Glow Shimmering Translucent Powder. Infused with illuminating gold powder for a soft glow.
  • Micro pigmented pressed powder eliminates unwanted shine
  • Evens the skin
  • Sets foundation for an all-day wear
  • 1 shade, translucent

The package of the Translucent Powder is cute.

At first glance you can't see the 'shimmer' but with the camera flash you can see the sparkles.

Comes a mirror and a sponge. I didn't use the sponge, I prefer to use a brush.

This is how it looks on my skin.


Depending the light you can see the little sparkles.

Indoors you can't see so much difference in my face I think.

With flash

Without flash
The day I tried the product we went to the park, and I was surprised that you can notice the sparkles on sunlight, that's why I didn't like it, too much shimmer for me.
Maybe I'm gonna blend it with blush to add a little shine.



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